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HYSINCERE insist to navigate by high quality core cell and
highly qualified staffs in the vast sea so to the distance

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What are the characteristics of Lithium iron phosphate power battery?best solar generator for home backup

    1. High safety performance  High safety is the biggest feature of Iron(II) phosphate lithium power battery. It is not easy to explode and burn during charging and discharging, and will not produce

Main risks in transportation of lithium-ion generator for rv

    a. For customers - risk of lost orders  The delivery time for research and development testing samples is tight, but the UN38.3 report testing time required for air transportation is extremely lon

Introduction to Lithium Battery backup generator

    Lithium battery electrolyte is the carrier for ion transport in batteries. Generally composed of lithium salts and organic solvents. Electrolyte plays a role in conducting ions between the positiv

The working principle of iron lithium generator amazon

    The internal structure of LiFePO4 battery is shown in Figure 1. On the left is LiFePO4 with a olivine structure as the positive electrode of the battery, which is connected to the positive electro

Aquatic solution lithium battery system.home battery generator

    In water -based electrolytes, the differences in their oxidation and reduction potential are very large. Their combination will build a rough structured water that can be recharged by rechargeable

Li4ti5012 lithium battery.36 volt golf cart batteries

    Lithium titanium spinel -glyphosylite structure  It is a composite oxide that transitions metal titanium from metal lithium and low potential. It belongs to the AB2X4 series, which can be describe

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