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HYSINCERE insist to navigate by high quality core cell and
highly qualified staffs in the vast sea so to the distance

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Structure diagram of 1860 lithium cart batteries price

    The positive and negative electrode materials used in polymer lithium ion batteries are the same as liquid lithium ions. The positive electrode materials are divided into lithium cobalate, lithium

Monocrystalline silicon battery.lithium battery 12v 100ah

  Classification of semiconductor batteries    The basic material of monocrystalline silicon solar cells is P-type monocrystalline silicon with a purity of 0.999999 and a resistivity of over 10 ohms p

Lithium ion battery separator.portable power station solar

    In the structure of lithium batteries, the separator is one of the key inner components. The performance of the separator determines the interface structure, internal resistance, and other charact

Lithium battery power battery storage

    1. The lithium battery adopted by the lithium tram is lightweight. One person can easily go upstairs to charge (<4KG). If it is a set of lead -acid batteries (20 kg), one person will be taken f

Design specification for lithium cart batteries for sale

    Due to the hundreds of millions of mobile phones worldwide, in order to achieve security, the failure rate of security protection must be less than one in 100 million. Due to the fact that the fai

Analyze how to exit Lithium iron phosphate battery safely?best battery for home inverter

    1. Long cycle life and high working voltage;  2. High energy density;  3. Small size and light weight;  4. Green and environmentally friendly.  With the support of these advantages, lithium batter

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