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Which of solid -state batteries and traditional lithium ion batteries is safer?

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  It is generally believed that full solid batteries are safer than traditional lithium ion batteries. But is this really the case? Today, let's take a look at which is safer to see solid -state batteries and traditional lithium ion batteries?

  In recent years, a series of battery fires have caused discussions on lithium -ion battery safety issues. One possible solution is to replace it with solid -state batteries. It uses unspeakable solid electrolyte instead of volatile and flammable liquid electrolytes. The security advantages of this solid electrolyte have been widely recognized. However, the safety of lithium metal negative albums with high energy density has not been strictly evaluated.

  The National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy Alex M. Bates and others quantitatively evaluated the heat release of solid batteries and lithium ion batteries in several failures. (Full) The solid electrolyte in the solid -state battery uses li7la3zr2o12. A micro -volume liquid electrolyte improvement interface impedance is added between the solid electrolyte and the positive electrode.

  The results show that the short -circuited full solid battery has a temperature much higher than the traditional lithium -ion battery. The release of these heat may cause fire through flammable packaging or other nearby materials.

  The result was published in the top international journal "Joule".

  Today, we consider three failures together:

  1. Heat out of control caused by external thermal sources;

  2. Internal short circuit (short circuit caused by lithium branches);

  3. The mechanical of solid electrolyte failure.

  Fully Solid State (ASSB), SSB, and Traditional Lithium ion (LIB) battery configuration diagram

  Among them, the ASSB does not contain any liquid electrolyte. The positive side of the SSB contains a small amount of liquid electrolyte. The liquid electrolyte (LE) solvent is carbonate ethyl ester (EMC).

  The relationship between thermal release and LE volume score

  Under the failure mode A, the SSB of a small amount of LE is added more than the ASSB, but it is still much less than lib. For SSB, when the volume score is higher than 0.125, the O2 generated by the positive electrode has completely reacts with the Le of the LE, forming a platform. Because LE reacts with the negative electrode LI, the volume score of lib will have a platform at 0.3. It is worth noting that because the oxygen loss of NMC is inhale, when the volume score of the Le is less than 0.08, the heat release can be ignored. In other out of control mode, ASSB and SSB are not safer than LIB. The short -circuit failure mode in ASSB, SSB, and LIB is the same. Under the failure mode C, the release of the reaction heat may be huge.

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