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What should I pay attention to when using the 12V lithium battery?

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  According to the rapid development of domestic lithium -ion batteries, the usage rate of lithium batteries is getting higher and higher. Some people think that lead -acid batteries are too heavy, and then switch to lithium batteries. Today, new energy manufacturers will take you to understand the advantages of lithium batteries. What are the ones? What should I pay attention to when using the 12V lithium battery?

  1. What are the advantages of lithium batteries?

  1. Compared with nickel -metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries have significant advantages such as high working voltage, high energy density, low self -discharge rate, and no memory effect. In addition, lithium batteries can be thinner and smaller. According to reports, the thinnest lithium -ion battery is only 0.5 mm, and the characteristics of any area and arbitrary shape have also greatly improved the flexibility of battery design. Therefore, it can meet the product needs to make a battery of any shape and capacity.

  2. What should I pay attention to when using the 12V lithium battery?

  1. 12V lithium -ion batteries must not have no electricity. Even if the battery does not need to be charged, it should be charged once a month.

  2. When charging 12V lithium batteries, the battery charging display light can float for another 1 hour under sufficient information.

  3. When 12V lithium ions have no power, it should be stopped immediately, so the heating work voltage cannot be used to avoid severe power failures.

  4. For 12V lithium -ion batteries, the rechargeable battery cannot be reversed. When the battery is charged, the battery is full once, which is not suitable for charging score battery.

  5. In order to increase the service life of the 12V lithium battery, it must be charged for lithium ion batteries. Develop 80%of the habit of charging batteries, don't wait for all batteries to charge. In addition, there is no long -term lithium ion storage.

  6. 12V lithium -ion batteries are used in battery charging. Due to the different production and processing process of the charging battery and lithium battery production process, the technical standards of the charging head are also different. Only 12V lithium -ion batteries can be used to charge longer battery life to prevent safety risks.

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