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Comparison between lithium batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries

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  1. High energy density: The volume of nickel hydrogen batteries is between that of nickel cadmium batteries and lithium batteries, which indicates the transitional product nature of nickel hydrogen batteries. Due to the different energy densities, i.e. the energy that can be stored in the same volume, lithium batteries are three times larger than nickel hydrogen batteries.

  2. Self discharge: Self discharge refers to the amount of electricity that a battery will lose on its own when not in use. The self discharge of nickel hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries is not significant, but it is common for nickel hydrogen batteries to self discharge. Excessive self discharge can shorten the battery's service life and terminate its lifespan earlier. Therefore, about a decade ago, low self discharge nickel hydrogen batteries were a highlight of nickel hydrogen battery promotion, while the self discharge of lithium batteries can be ignored, which is a natural difference in chemical performance caused by the raw materials used.

  3. No memory effect: The memory effect of nickel cadmium batteries is significant. Human memory is the impression left in the brain, and nickel cadmium batteries are also the same. If the discharge is incomplete or the charging is not satisfied, over time, the battery will only remember that incomplete and unsatisfied state, and the performance in application is capacity decay. Lithium batteries do not have this feature. Therefore, nickel cadmium batteries need to undergo a thorough deep discharge every period of time to clear the memories left behind, which is similar to brainwashing for humans. Lithium batteries can be charged and used at any time, so lithium batteries are a "happy battery" and we users are also happy.

  4. The charging and discharging platform is high. The voltage of a single lithium battery is 3.6V, while the voltage of a single nickel hydrogen battery is 1.2V, which is three times that of the latter. The charging method for lithium batteries is to set a termination voltage, usually 4.2V for individual cells, and there is no voltage fluctuation for nickel hydrogen batteries. The charging method of lithium batteries is called voltage and current limiting method (voltage refers to voltage, current refers to current, which sets a upper and lower limit for voltage and current), while nickel hydrogen batteries have a low voltage platform and usually use constant current (a constant current) charging. Due to different charging methods, lithium battery chargers and nickel hydrogen battery chargers cannot be mixed.

  5. Specific specifications. The term "heterotypic nickel hydrogen battery" is often heard on the market, while heterotypic lithium batteries are rarely heard. This is because lithium batteries are currently mainly used in products with large market capacity. If applied in markets with small capacity, not only technology but also high cost sharing can be a problem. However, technology and market size issues are also improving, and some companies in the lithium battery industry are already trying to enter new fields of lithium battery applications with a positive attitude,

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