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Blind spots in knowledge of rate batteries.dual purpose marine battery

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  The discharge rate of a lithium battery is usually represented by the letter 'C', and 1C represents a maximum discharge current of one time that of the battery,

  For example, if a 1000mAh 10C lithium battery has a maximum discharge current of 10 times, then its maximum discharge current is: 10 × 1000mA=10A.

  Generally, we refer to lithium-ion batteries with 1C discharge as standard batteries, low rate batteries with 2C-10C discharge, and high rate batteries with over 10C discharge.

  The main difference between rate batteries and traditional standard batteries lies in the manufacturing process. Standard batteries and low rate batteries are mostly made using the process of winding the electrode plates, while high rate batteries used for emergency starting power supply are made using the process of laminating the internal electrode plates, which indirectly provides a simple method of resolution. The two sides of the winding process of the battery will be slightly thicker and the flatness will be slightly worse, The rate cell of the lamination process is quite flat and square. Due to the fact that rate batteries are designed to meet stringent high current discharge requirements, they use thicker electrode plates and thicker lithium-ion isolation membranes. With the same volume, the capacity may slightly decrease. However, compared to safety, sacrificing a small amount of capacity is insufficient.

  As an emergency starting power supply, the biggest difference between it and the power bank is that the emergency starting power supply requires instantaneous high current discharge to provide ignition and starting for the vehicle's starting motor. At this time, it needs to use a "rate battery" as the power source. Generally, better rate batteries use 35C-40C rate discharge, and traditional standard batteries may not be able to handle this job, If unscrupulous merchants use standard batteries to provide power for emergency starting power products, the lifespan is estimated to not be long. The instantaneous high current discharge electrode is easy to break through the lithium-ion isolation membrane, which can be used several times and discarded. In severe cases, it can be heated and burned on the spot.

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