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  The fuel cell consists of anode, cathode, electrolyte, and diaphragm. The fuel is oxidized in the anode and the oxidant is restored in the cathode. If the anode (that is, the negative electrode of the external circuit, it can also be called the fuel pole) continuously supplies gaseous fuel (hydrogen), and continuously supply oxygen (or air) on the cathode (the positive electrode of the external circuit), it can also be called the air pole). Electrochemical reactions can occur continuously on the electrode and generate current. It can be seen that the fuel cell is different from the conventional battery. Its fuel and oxidant are not stored in the battery, but are stored in a storage tank outside the battery. When it works (output current and achieves), it needs to be continuously inferior to the loser fuel and oxidant in the battery and discharge the reaction product at the same time. Therefore, from a working way, it is similar to conventional gasoline or diesel generators. Because fuel cells should be continuously delivered to the battery to send fuel and oxidant to the battery, the fuel and oxidants used in fuel cells are fluid (gas or liquid). The most commonly used fuels are pure hydrogen, all kinds of gases rich in hydrogen (such as heavy gas) and certain liquids (such as methanol aquatic solutions), and commonly used oxidants are pure oxygen, purify air and other liquids (such as peroxidation (such as peroxidation (such as peroxidation Hydrogen and nitric acid water solution).

  The role of fuel cell anode is to provide a public interface for fuel and electrolyte, and catalyze the oxidation of the fuel. At the same time, transmit the electrons generated in the reaction to the outer circuit or transmit it first to the setting board before being transmitted to the external circuit. The role of cathode (oxygen electrode) is to provide a public interface for oxygen and electrolyte, which can catalyze the restoration of oxygen, and transmit electrons to the reaction site of the oxygen electrode from the external circuit. Because the reactions on the electrode are mostly multi -phase interface reactions. In order to increase the reaction rate, the electrode generally uses porous materials and is applied with electrocatalysts.

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