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What are the characteristics of lithium batteries of the five common new energy vehicles?

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  I believe that we can see a lot of new energy vehicles on the road now. Do you know what the batteries of new energy vehicles are? In fact, the lithium batteries of new energy vehicles can be divided into the following five types: lithium ion batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, lead acid batteries and sodium sulfur batteries. Now Tuobai New Energy will explain to you what are the characteristics of the lithium batteries of these five new energy vehicles.

  1. Lithium ion battery: As a new type of secondary battery with high voltage and high energy density, lithium ion secondary battery is widely used in civil and national defense fields due to its unique physical and electrochemical performance. Its outstanding characteristics are: light weight, large energy storage, no pollution, no memory effect, and long service life. With the same volume and weight, the energy storage capacity of lithium battery is 1.6 times that of nickel metal hydride battery and 4 times that of nickel cadmium battery. Moreover, human beings have only developed and utilized 20%~30% of their theoretical power. The development prospect is very broad. At the same time, it is a real green battery and will not pollute the environment. This is the best battery that can be used in electric vehicles. In the 1990s, China began to develop and utilize lithium ion batteries. At present, breakthroughs have been made to develop lithium ion batteries with independent intellectual property rights

  2. Lead acid battery: The lead acid battery has a history of more than 100 years and is widely used as the starting power supply for diesel locomotives. It is a mature electric vehicle battery with good reliability, easy access to raw materials and low price; The specific power can basically meet the power requirements of electric vehicles. But it has two disadvantages; First, the specific energy is low, the mass and volume are too large, and the one-time charging mileage is short; Second, the service life is short and the cost is high.

  3. NiMH battery: NiMH battery belongs to alkaline battery. Ni MH batteries have long cycle life and no memory effect, but they are expensive. The foreign companies that produce NiMH batteries for electric vehicles are mainly joint ventures of ovonie, Toyota and Panasonic. Ovonie has 80A · h and 130a · h batteries with a specific energy of 75-80w · hkg and a cycle life of more than 600 times. The battery has been installed in several electric vehicles for trial use. One vehicle can travel 345 kilometers on a single charge, and one vehicle can travel more than 80000 kilometers a year. Because of its high price, it has not been mass produced yet. China has developed 55A · h and 100A · h single cells with specific energy of 65w · hkg and power density of more than 800wkg

  4. Nickel cadmium battery: The application scope of nickel cadmium battery is only second to that of lead acid battery, with specific energy of 55W · Hkg and specific power of more than 190Wkg. The charging speed is fast and the cycle life is long, which is more than twice of that of lead-acid batteries, up to 2000 times, but the price is 4-5 times of that of lead-acid batteries. Although its initial purchase cost is high, its long-term actual use cost is not high due to its advantages in energy and service life. The disadvantage is that it has a "memory effect" and is easy to reduce the available capacity of the battery due to poor charging and discharging. After about ten times of use, fully charge and discharge. If "memory effect" exists, conduct full charge and discharge for 3-5 times continuously to release memory. In addition, cadmium is toxic. Attention should be paid to recycling in use to avoid environmental pollution caused by cadmium.

  5. Sodium sulfur battery: The advantages of sodium sulfur battery are: first, it has high specific energy. The theoretical specific energy is 760W · Hkg, while the actual specific energy is more than 100W · Hkg, which is 3~4 times of that of lead-acid battery; The other is high current and high power discharge. Discharge current density can generally reach 200~300mAmm2, which can release three times of its inherent energy instantly; Second, the charging and discharging efficiency is high. Due to the use of solid electrolyte, the liquid electrolyte secondary battery has no self discharge and side reaction, and the charge discharge current efficiency is close to 100%. The disadvantage of sodium sulfur battery is that its working temperature is 300~350 ℃, so certain heating and insulation are required during operation. High temperature corrosion is serious and battery life is short. High performance vacuum insulation technology is used to effectively solve this problem. There are also problems such as poor performance stability and poor use safety.

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