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Self -discharge rate of lithium ion battery.portable solar power station

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  The self -discharge rate, also known as the power maintenance capacity, refers to the ability to maintain the battery stored by the battery under a certain conditions when the battery is opened. It is mainly affected by factors such as the manufacturing process, materials, and storage conditions of the battery. It is an important parameter to measure battery performance.

  Charging and discharge efficiency of lithium ion battery

  The charging efficiency refers to the degree of chemical energy that the battery consumes into the chemical energy that the battery can be stored into the battery during the charging process. It is mainly affected by battery technology, formula and battery working environment temperature. The higher the general environmental temperature, the lower the charging efficiency.

  The discharge efficiency refers to the ratio of the actual power released by discharge to the end of the voltage under a certain discharge condition to the rated capacity of the battery. The lower the discharge efficiency. The lower the temperature, the lower the discharge efficiency.