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Why does the lithium iron phosphate battery be swollen?

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  1. Excessive charging causes lithium battery expansion. Excessive charging batteries will cause lithium molecules in the battery positive material to fully enter the battery positive material, resulting in the original circular square deformation and collapse at the positive pole stage. This is a decrease in the capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries Key reason. With the increase of the total number of lithium -ion batteries in the negative electrode stages, the excessive sedimentation of lithium molecules has grown it into a branches -like crystal, which increases the lithium battery. Drumbar caused by power loss

  2. When the lithium liquid secondary battery is charged for the first time, the metal electrode and lithium battery electrolyte reacts on the solid high -performance liquid PAGE to generate the passivation treatment layer. The foundation of the molecular structure in the lithium battery electrolyte, but the lithium ion can be placed arbitrarily according to the passivation processing layer and adsorbed by the resin, which has the characteristics of solid electrolyte. Therefore, this passivation treatment membrane is called SEI. SEI movies are not static. There will be a small amount of conversion in the entire battery charging process, mainly due to the reverse conversion of some organic compounds, and the excessive charge and discharge of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack causes the reversible fracture ring of the SEI plastic film. After maintaining the battery positive material SEI, it collapsed, causing disassembly bags

  3. It is related to the level of production and manufacturing, and the production level of lithium iron phosphate battery packs has box opening conditions. Lithium battery pack electrical coating is uneven, and the production process is not smooth

  4. Even if it is not used for a long time, the lithium iron phosphate battery pack will swell. Because the gas conductivity reaches a certain degree, the charging time is too long, which is equivalent to the direct contact of the battery positive and negative electrode, resulting in a long -term short -circuit failure.

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