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Power lithium battery is the "foundation" of the future of new energy generator for camping

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  Some people think that if you don't pay attention to the research of power lithium batteries, you will not raise electric vehicles overtaking in my country's curve. The written opinion is, ‘Because there is no high -performance battery, BMS is advanced, it is useless, and electric vehicles can choose a variety of battery and energy storage system. Different systems require different BMS, and a BMS cannot cover the world. ‘The key factor affecting the safety of electric vehicles, battery life, charging speed, and cost of making is the battery, and the battery is the bottleneck of electric vehicles! ‘Unfortunately, we introduced several battery skills later, we do n’t dig deep. Power battery manufacturers can't help but consider, why pay attention to the research of power lithium batteries?

  There are also articles that the electric vehicles in our country must overtake the curve, and BMS is necessary to defeat. The reason given is ‘investigating the current BMS, it’ s hard to say which product has tamed with lithium battery packs, including TSLA (the performance is slightly good, but the messy wiring and high -profile skills should still have room for optimization). It can be said that before BMS, Chinese companies and foreign companies were on the same running line. Especially in our country, it has a very large electric car market, which is a natural advantage. The winner of BMS takes the lead. When the BMS matures, the electric car market will gallop. "In the same article, the battery is basically a scientific material science, which is attributed to the field of basic research. Our company has little advantage in this area. There is still a long way to go from the laboratory to commercialization. So disruptive innovation is not expected '. Then do I recognize it? If the core skills of the battery are not grasped in their own hands, my country's electric vehicles cannot overtake. Isn't this like the engine of the year was controlled?

  Although the rapid development of domestic new energy cars has driven the development of domestic power lithium batteries in the past two years, the shortage of power lithium batteries has also flashed. However, due to the distance between my country's power lithium battery skills and foreign advanced levels, my country's power lithium battery market is still led by foreign investors. Take LG chemistry as an example. General cars, Renault, Ford and Hyundai are customers in the global market. This year, LG chemistry won orders for the power lithium battery for Changan cars. Changan sedan's mass -produced hybrid hybrid car (PHEV) power lithium battery will be provided by it.

  But there are not many real talents that can match the vehicle. In terms of integration talents, production consistency and safety. 'Compared with power lithium battery skills, the advantages of our country are reflected in large -scale production. It is still the same as many other manufacturing industries, but it is not strong. The shortcomings are important in terms of making consistency, the safety and life of the group, and the high -energy high -power compatibility.

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