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Lithium Battery Introduction

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  1, charge, discharge performance is good, can carry out high-power charging and discharge, can also allow floating charge and depth discharge. For lead-acid batteries, the larger the discharge current, the shorter the battery life; The deeper the discharge, the shorter the battery life. However, even if the discharge depth of lithium battery reaches 100%, it will not affect the battery. And the lithium battery is not easy to short circuit, which prevents the explosion caused by short circuit and other safety problems.

  2. The reactor, as a place for reaction, is separated from the storage tank of electrolyte, which fundamentally overcomes the self-discharge phenomenon of traditional batteries. The power only depends on the size of the reactor, the capacity only depends on the electrolyte storage and concentration, the design is very flexible; When the power is on time, to add energy storage capacity, as long as the electrolyte storage tank volume or increase the electrolyte volume or concentration can be, without changing the size of the reactor; Instant charging can be achieved by changing or adding the electrolyte in charge state. It can be used to build kilowatt-level to hundred-megawatt-level energy storage power stations, which is highly adaptable.

  3, the number of charging and discharging is great, the theoretical life is countless times. The charge-discharge time ratio is 1:1, compared with 4:1 for lead-acid batteries. In addition, the charging and discharging response speed of lithium battery is fast, less than 20 milliseconds, which is very conducive to balanced power supply.

  4. Large degree of freedom in site selection, small footprint, automatic closed operation of the system, no acid fog, no acid corrosion. The electrolyte can be used repeatedly, no discharge, simple maintenance.

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